Bohemian Rhapsody Review


Ay-Oh! I wouldn’t say that I am a huge Queen fan, but every once in a while I do enjoy to listen to their music. This film has been in development hell for literally about ten years now, but finally, we got the film that all Queen fans have been waiting for. Earlier this week I was fortunate to attend an early screening of Bohemian Rhapsody where we get a detailed look of how one of the most famous rock bands came to be, but also, we get an in-depth story of the man himself Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek). So, relax and hope you enjoy my full review of Bohemian Rhapsody.

What I Enjoyed About The Film:

  • Rami Malek as of right now is the front-runner to winning the Best Actor category! The man was terrific playing Freddie Mercury! He was so good of capturing Freddie’s mannerism, especially whenever he was performing onstage that there was a couple of times I completely was sucked in and forgot that I was watching an actor.
  • The rest of the supporting cast who played the other band members of Queen were outstanding, and when they were given their screen time to shine, they took full advantage of their opportunity. The dynamic they had with one another was superb that you come away feeling as if you had a better understanding of what the band of Queen went through in their personal lives.
  • As high as their performances were as far as acting went, whenever they were onstage performing their musical notes I was utterly swept away, and almost felt as if I was immersed in that environment and was at an actual Queen concert. Most especially the infamous Live Aid concert. When they get to that part of the film, you cannot help but have a massive smile on your face and enjoy the music.
  • Finally, although there has been controversy surrounding filmmaker Bryan Singer; I must give credit to where it’s due and say he did a good job directing this film and told a brilliant Queen story in a tremendous cohesive way.


Where The Film Lost Me:

  • The first half of the film does feel a little rushed. Almost as if the filmmaker wanted the film to focus more on Queen, Freddie Mercury, and their music. Which is great, but I really would’ve preferred if they could’ve shown us more about the band and more about Freddie.
  • If you don’t know, the band themselves were heavily involved with this movie, and you can tell. Originally, Sacha Baron Cohen was tapped to play Freddie Mercury, and he eventually dropped out due to creative differences with the band. Apparently, Cohen wanted to tell a much darker edgier story of Freddie Mercury, but the band didn’t want to do that. So, they both went their respective ways, but watching this film they do go into some dark moments regarding Freddie’s life, but you can tell where they pulled back on and didn’t want to go far into detail. For me, I didn’t have a massive problem with that but I can see where someone might, and honestly, I would’ve preferred if they took a little more risk with this film.


Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, I had an absolute blast with this movie and can’t recommend it enough when it comes out next week! Will admit I’m a little surprised by the mixed reviews that it has been receiving, but for me, the film worked. Rami Malek right now is a lock to winning Best Actor come awards season, the music, and the performances were all tremendous to watch on the big screen. If you genuinely want to feel the intensity that comes with being at a Queen concert, then I suggest seeing this movie somewhere such as AMC Dolby or Regal RPX. Did have a couple of problems with the film such as I felt they didn’t take that many risks, and almost felt as if the band had their hands involved a little too much. This movie almost reminded me of Straight Outta Compton. Another film about a music band where the original group members were a little also involved and tried to hide some dark things about their past. Nonetheless, I had a great time watching this film and recommend you all give it a try when it hits theaters. Overall, I’m going to give Bohemian Rhapsody a B+.


2 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody Review

  1. Rami’s definitely getting nominated for this one, I’m not ready to say that he’s definitely won it, but he’s nominated and I’m willing to put money on that. I agree with you that it definitely felt rushed, they needed to double the runtime or something. If Queen can get a 6-minute song on the radio, they can get a 4-hour film in the cinema.

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